“I love it. One of the best hockey books in years.”

Phil Pritchard, Keeper of the Cup, Hockey Hall of Fame

Picturing The Game

An Illustrated Story of Hockey


Book Cover

Hockey’s history seen through the unfiltered lens of graphic satire, commentary, and draughtsmanship by Canada’s most prominent cartoonists and illustrators.

modified hockey stick illustration

A 408-page picture/art hardcover book with 460 illustrations, cartoons, and photographs that discovers a brand new rough draft of hockey history – making the hard truths knowable and laughable.

Available at McGill-Queen’s University Press, other online stores, and your favourite bookseller.

picturing the game

“What an insightful and mischievous romp through Canada’s national sport.”

Susan Dewar, cartoonist
Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman · Courtesy of Tim Dolighan

Picturing the Game is a hat trick: Great to look at, a great read and a wonderful souvenir for fans of the national game.”

Policy Magazine

Sidney Crosby 
Sidney Crosby · Courtesy of Bruce MacKinnon and The Chronicle Herald
Sprague Cleghorn · Courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame
Valeri Kharlamov · Courtesy of Aislin and the Montreal Gazette

“A benchmark book for art and hockey enthusiasts to enjoy! Remarkable research and curation of artwork… a marvelously written history.”

Craig Campbell, Hockey Hall of Fame

“Wow! … it might well be the loveliest book ever produced on our obsessive national game.”

Roy MacGregor
Marie-Philip Poulin
Marie-Philip Poulin · Courtesy of Anthony Jenkins
Hockey Hall of Fame
Courtesy of the Hockey Hall of Fame · Colouring by Gareth Lind

“Picturing the Game gives us actual proof and a true pictorial glimpse of what old-time hockey was really like on game night.”

Eric Zweig, hockey historian
picturing the game

“An ideal gift for your favourite hockey fan.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“A fascinating look … that will bring back countless memories for hockey fans.”

Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News
Bob Probert · Courtesy of Mark Penxa
Connor McDavid
Connor McDavid · Courtesy of Malcolm Mayes and the Edmonton Journal

“It will proudly sit on my coffee table and I will brag about how I played a very small part in its birth.”

Malcolm Mayes, cartoonist

“Perfect in every way…it took me down memory lane and introduced me to the history of the game from a different viewpoint.”

Phil Pritchard, Hockey Hall of Fame

Mark Messier · Courtesy of Anthony Jenkins

“A raw view of hockey as seen through the art of some of the crankiest, most wretched trolls in journalism…editorial cartoonists. What’s not to like?”

Bruce MacKinnon, cartoonist
Stanley Cup Comic
Courtesy of Graham Harrop
picturing the game

Available at McGill-Queen's University Press, other online stores, and your favourite bookseller.

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