On Thursday, February 29, 2024, the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada and McGill-Queen’s University Press invited author Don Weekes to speak at McGill University on his research for Picturing the Game: An Illustrated Story of Hockey

Introductions were made by Daniel Béland, Director of McGill Institute for the Study of Canada and Lisa Quinn, Executive Director of McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Canada’s History magazine – April–May 2024

Hockey Time Machine podcast – December 20, 2023

Toronto Sun – December 16, 2023

National Post – December 13, 2023

Policy Magazine – December 3, 2023

Winnipeg Free Press – December 3, 2023

“A Montreal-based author of a number of hockey books (mostly trivia and such), Weekes here brings together editorial and sports cartoons (as well as some photos, paintings and other visual media) in chronicling how Canada’s game has been depicted by the media over the years.

Throughout, Weekes tells the story of various sports pages/publications, the perception of hockey over the last century and some of the subjects of cartoonists and illustrators through the years. An ideal gift for your favourite hockey fan.”

—Ben Sigurdson

Montreal Gazette – November 27, 2023

Concordia Alumni magazine – November 27, 2023

Edmonton Journal – November 16, 2023

Society for International Hockey Research
November 16, 2023

Live Radio Interview – November 15, 2023

SaskToday – November 11, 2023

Interview with Mutsumi Takahashi, CTV News Montreal
October 24, 2023

Toronto Star – Sunday October 8th

The Record – Thursday October 5th

picturing the game

Available at McGill-Queen's University Press, other online stores, and your favourite bookseller.

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