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A Timeline

The history of hockey is inextricably linked to sport illustration and editorial cartooning. The connection between their evolutions is deep-rooted and began with early drawings of what the organized game initially looked like and with advertisements for skates and sticks in newspapers. Soon cartoonists were sketching out their single panels and “game cartoons” of play. Today, that connectedness lives on, as we see in this sample page of our eight-page hockey timeline.

picturing the game

A Sneak Peak

A Note about Colouring

Old-time barns were little warmer than winter weather outside. By game time at this CHA contest, Montreal temperatures had dipped to -15°F. (Left, original; right, restored and coloured)
Montreal Daily Star, January 5, 1910

Graphic designer and cartoonist Gareth Lind restored numerous photos of the imagery appearing in Picturing the Game – many more than 100 years old. He coloured 36 illustrations and cartoons, referencing historical descriptions of uniform colours and outerwear to reflect the day’s look. Lind used consistent muted tones to give the imagery new life, yet they still feel like they belong in their time.

picturing the game

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